The Tyrone Area Historical Society

Preserving History For A Better Tomorrow

The Tyrone Area Museum

Free Admission, Family Friendly!

All of our displays have been generously donated to our society for their preservation, as well as for the general public to learn from and enjoy! We believe it is our mission to make these treasures available Free of Charge, honoring our donors’ heart to help future generations appreciate their extremely rich heritage!


Hours of Operation:
Wednesdays and Sundays, 1pm – 4pm

The History of Our Society

The Tyrone Area Historical Society is dedicated to preserving our history, educating younger generations, and, through offering an historical perspective, paving the way for a better future!

Since The Tyrone Area Historical Society’s founding in 1990, we have collected literally hundreds of historical artifacts and made them available to all residents by displaying them in our museum, as well as holding regular office hours at our society’s headquarters.


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Old Pictures of Tyrone

Old Pictures of Tyrone

If you are having problems seeing these pictures, feel free to click on them and they will expand! Enjoy!

Tyrone Area High School Yearbooks

Tyrone Area High School Yearbooks

We are pleased to offer you scanned pdf versions of every Tyrone Area School District yearbook dating as far back as 1925 (we are still uploading... thank you for your patience)! 1917 Falcon 1921 Falcon 1922 Falcon 1923 Falcon 1924 Falcon 1925 Falcon1926 Falcon1927...