Kienzle Bakery

Kienzle Bakery, interior, date unknown. The bakery was located on the east side of the 1000 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, Tyrone, PA.

Photo credit: TAHS archive

Heberling's Meats and Dry Goods

Heberling’s Meats & Dry Goods Store, located on the corner of Columbia Avenue and 17th Street, Tyrone.

In the past, the building housed these stores: Biggins Dry Goods; Biggins & Heberling, Meats, Groceries, Notions and Dry Goods; Heberling’s Meats and Dry Goods; and McManigal’s Meat Market. At present, Mac’s Market & The Gridiron occupies the premises.

Photo credit: Tyrone-Snyder Public Library

Gripp's Art School

H. A. Gripp's Art School, Tyrone, PA; 1898. Gripp was a German soldier.

Photo credit: Internet

Photo credit: Tyrone of Today

Graham's Funeral Home

Graham’s Funeral Home, at the corner of Logan Avenue and 12th Street, Tyrone — ca. 1920. At this location, the original funeral home was founded in 1854 by Johnathan Burley. It later became the Graham Funeral Home, the Graham and Son Funeral Home, the Graham and Getz Funeral Home, the Getz and Searer Funeral Home, and now the Richard H. Searer Funeral Home Inc.

Photo credit: Richard H. Searer

Getz Meat Market

Getz Meat Market, Tyrone, PA; date unknown.

Photo credit: TAHS archives