The Crowther Letters: Chasing Stonewall to Chancellorsville

By Bob Hileman, Jr.

2004, Word Association Publishers

300 pages

ISBN 1-59571-014-0

$23 (plus postage)

A good book about a good man, Colonel James E. Crowther, whose life story, steeped in courage and tragic irony, needed to be told. In Bob Hileman's second volume of The Crowther Letters, the story of Crowther and his now battled-tested volunteers of the 110th Pennsylvania Regiment are in pursuit of some wily "Johnny Rebs" who do some pursuing of their own. Crowther leads his men from foray to foray while trying to keep kith and kin together on the homefront. His letters are quiet testimony to the bravery of both the soldiers in the field and the families who waited at home for them. Crowther's story concludes at Chancellorsville, his life a lesson in selfless service to his country in crisis.

Table of Contents

  • Touring the Virginia countryside
  • Summer and fall in northern Virginia
  • The year ends at Fredericksburg
  • Promotion, illness, and the military commission
  • Chancellorsville