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    I lived on 12th Street below Woodland Avenue from 1944 until I left for the service in 1958. I recognize many of the streets and hoses (including mine) from the photos of the neighborhood. when I return to visit my hometown, I often stand at the east side of the 12th Street bridge and look to “bury hill” to recall brighter days of my youth. Photos of that bygone era are rare since smartphones were not yet around and pictures had to be really planned (quick, go get the camera) rather than just pull it out of the purse or pocket. It brings back memories to see Woodland, 11th, 10th, Bald Eagle, etc. Carlings, Walks, Kershners, Millers, Sullivan, Wertz, and so many others – it was a neighborhood of lively, caring people. RIP.

      Thank you so much for sharing your memories with us!

    The top photo of the house alone amongst the demolished neighborhood was my childhood home. Address was 238 E 10th Street. My parents were John and Sara Bayer. We were one of the last families to leave our neighborhood. It was really heartbreaking for all of us.

    I enjoyed reading Gary Longs comments as that 12th street neighborhood was where I too grew up. We were one of the Walk families he mentioned. Spent all of my youth on the 12th street playground. Looking up the hill our house was the third one on the left side going up brewery hill from the playground. I passed papers all over that neighborhood including Bald Eagle Ave., 12th street, Woodland and Ridge Aves. I lived there until I left for the Marine Corps in June of 66. When I came home the house was gone and my parents had moved to Tipton where my Mom still lives.

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