Tyrone Area High School Yearbooks

Tyrone Area High School Yearbooks

We are pleased to offer you scanned pdf versions of every Tyrone Area School District yearbook dating as far back as 1925 (we are still uploading… thank you for your patience)!

Falcon 1925

Falcon 1926

Falcon 1927

Falcon 1928

Falcon 1929

Falcon 1930

Falcon 1931

Falcon 1932

Falcon 1933

Falcon 1934

Falcon 1935


Falcon 1937

Falcon 1938

Falcon 1939

Falcon 1940

Falcon 1941

Falcon 1942

Falcon 1943
TASD didn’t release a yearbook in 1944

Falcon 1945

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    Thank you for this! I found a photo of my daughter’s great grandmother in the 1925 yearbook and I wasn’t even looking for her!

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